A BBQ built for Bloom

This summer barbecue was inspired by the gingham check combined with grass and metal grill textures. Cute whimsical frames by The Organic Bloom were used throughout the party design to create interest and make regular objects become a spotlight and conversation piece.

The theme of the party started with a custom BBQ style invitation (actual invite not shown to protect client privacy):

Barbecue Birthday theme

For setup the party began with a welcome sign at the front door:

 red 5x10 wooden frame
This printable BBQ Birthday sign is available for just $4 at CinemashopBoutique.com!
(5×10 frame by The Organic Bloom Sold separately)
Once the guest of honor walked in, she was greeted with a coordinating color set of balloons (10 to be exact for how old she was turning!) along with a 16×20 sign of new and old photos!
Shown in The Organic Bloom Frame
(Style: Lewis Color: Black)
16×20 Collage poster available at
Two “bars” were the focus of the party. The first was an Italian Soda Bar for the kiddies. The kids enjoy making their own “cocktails”. I set up this bar for every holiday and just change out the sign design to fit the party theme. Printable Italian Soda sign available at CinemashopBoutique.
italian soda bar 
The next bar was the adult ‘lemonade’ bar. The 8×10 Frame displayed the printable recipe sign and Colors and textures coordinated with the theme and housed 3 types of Effen vodka (in coordinating colors!), a fruit bar and homemade lemonade. Some coordinating a ribbons decorated generic items and the Michael’s “BAR” letter marquee sign was decorated with coordinating scrapbook paper.

lemonade bar

3×3 Mini Frame from The Organic Bloom
8×10 Frame by The Organic Bloom
Marquee Bar Sign by Heidi Swapp for Michales

And now for the last unique detail and FREE printable from CinemashopBoutique! All the water coolers had a coordinating sign to let you know what was in them. Click here for your FREE 8×10 cooler printable signs. No purchase necessary!

Look inside the water cooler for coordinating BBQ water bottle labels!

Four FREE cooler printables


Water bottle “stay cool” printables
More uses for the 5×10 Red Organic Bloom Frame! Before you hang the “welcome sign” on the front door, take a mini outdoor photo shoot first! Simply change the inner sign! #IMONE
 Im One Sign

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