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Back To School

Back To School

You have your phone the day school begins. You take your picture. You show it on facebook. 2 years from now you will get a “facebook memory” showing you how fun that day was.

One problem. Can you get that photo back when your child graduates 5th grade? 6th Grade? 8th Grade? High School? College? Will you display them as a memory later?For $89 you can have a staged photo shoot, an image you will love to show off and use for years to come. A photo CD that you print these photos anytime.

Pre K girl with sign
Your daughter is going into Pre-K….where will she be when she graduates grade school? You can take these images and use them later in life!


Kindergaten photo shoot
No longer in pre-school…now shes in full time kindergarten! Keep these memories forever!


The short hair, the braces…remember when?
…and then they are finishing middle school. This photo will be printed and displayed when she graduates 8th grade!


If all else fails and you can’t join me on August 11th, then download these 8×10 chalkboard style images. Simply print, frame and click your photo! Be sure to share it on my facebook page!


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