Envelope Options

Standard Envelopes
All printed cards come with standard white envelopes. Parchment envelopes available at no extra charge upon request. (a square flap will be ordered if custom envelope liners are requested)

Standard white or parchment envelope

$8.00 per pack of 25
Classic and elegant, White and Cream Linen envelopes pair nicely with any type of announcement.

White or Cream Linen Envelope

Bright Red or Green
$8.00 per pack of 25
Perfect for the holidays, upgrade your envelopes to a festive Red or Green.

Red or Green Envelopes

Deep Color 
$8.00 per pack of 25
Match the envelope to your card design with Olive, Maroon, and Craft Envelopes. Great for Fall season or traditional style cards.

Deep Jewel Envelopes

Pearl Envelopes
$8.00 per pack of 25
Ensure your greetings are opened first with the shimmer of our pearl envelopes.

Pearl Envelopes

Foil Lined
$12.00 per pack of 25
Add a touch of class to a traditional white envelope with a Gold or Silver Foil lining.

Standard white or parchment envelope

Envelope Liners
$29 per pack of 25
Available for 5×5 and 5×7 sizes

Add coordinating Envelope Liners to match your client’s Cards and Magnets. This small DIY detail is a fun way to add some flavor to your orders. Simply place the Envelope Liner inside the Envelope, then peel and stick. (*Envelopes sold separately)

Custom Envelope Liners