4th Of July Party Ideas

Retro 4th Of July

I like to put a theme to my 4th of July parties to stray from using the same “Red, White and Blue – Stars and Stripes” decor every year. This years theme was RETRO…..

The kids grabbed a bag as they entered which had a flashlight, hand sanitizer (bath & body works 4th of July theme), mini flag, retro tattoos and a list of items to find at the evenings scavenger hunt.

scavenger hunt bags

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…..
The nostalgic cracker jack boxes were great for theme and perfect 4th Of July colorways. I found them at Costco, but they are available online as well under nostalgic cracker jacks. The hostess baseball cupcakes were from Target. Cubs and Sox peanuts from Jewel.


Nostalgic Cracker Jacks with Cubs and Sox peanuts
Frame from The Organic Bloom and sold at CinemashopBoutique.com

Drinks were beers – Old Time Old Style and any others in a red white and blue palette. Inside was a retro martini bar with themed vodka bottle, cranberry and a nostalgic martini mixer!
IMG_9301 copy IMG_9299


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