Retro 4th of July

I like to put a theme to my 4th of July parties to stray from using the same “red, white and blue – stars and stripes” decor every year. This years 4th of July theme was “Retro”…..

The kids were able to grab a bag as they entered which had a flashlight, mini flag, retro tattoos and a list of items to find around the yard on a scavenger hunt, which began as the sun went down so they could have fun “hunting” for gifts.

IMG_9280 copy

I found these cracker jack boxes at Costco – sometimes they have them, sometimes they dont. However, I did find them online under “nostalgic cracker jacks”

Cute wooden frame from The Organic Bloom and available at CinemashopBoutique.com

IMG_9289 copy IMG_9287













IMG_9299 IMG_9301 copy

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